Vertigomed - GeaHD - Piattaforma stabilometrica

Unique Dynamics

GEAHD is a sophisticated tool for rehabilitation, proprioceptive and balance training.

GEAHD is the first stabilometric platform with a real dynamic activation. It is the most sophisticated tool for rehabilitation, proprioceptive training and balance available on the market.

Thanks to its versatility, it can be used by people of any age with any physical condition. Its programmable activation allows its use in the first phases of rehabilitation, and even for continuously improving athletic performance.


The platform can be used in a monopodalic or bipodalic mode, with twenty different levels of instability and resistance.

Its pneumatic motor allows – for the first time in a stabilometric platform – multisensory reactivation of the person undergoing training.

The GEAHD system’s software allows the operator to objectify sensory organisational status in order to maintain the patient’s balance.

An advanced training program allows for an incremental increase in difficulty, facilitating the subject’s neuro- motor-sensory rehabilitation.

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  –  Innovation

Vertigo is innovative in each stage of the product development. Experts engineers in the hi-tech field apply the most modern technologies to the customer needs.

Italy-Flag-icon  –  Made in Italy

Vertigo is an Italian company that produces with style, creativity and passion, typical of our country. All the mechanical parts are produced and put together in Italy. 

  – Tailored

Vertigo products are created to adapt to any type of the subject need, from functional rehab to high level sport training.

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