Gea Super

Lightweight and portable

The geaSuper platform is the most lightweight and portable platform in the range. It has been developed especially for physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and posturologists who work in specialist multi-disciplinary settings.

It is accompanied by a series of accessories for carrying out a basic postural assessment.

Postural rehabilitation

The device allows for the identification of a patient’s postural changes with simple tests for the body’s various receptors: eyes, vestibule, spine, feet and dental occlusion.

Test of balance

An indication of a subject’s ability to maintain balance can be obtained through a series of non-invasive tests lasting a total of about 5 minutes, known in international literature as a test of balance.

The test consists of four trials in succession: eyes open, eyes closed, eyes open and then closed with a soft pillow under the feet.

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  –  Innovation

Vertigo is innovative in each stage of the product development. Experts engineers in the hi-tech field apply the most modern technologies to the customer needs.

Italy-Flag-icon  –  Made in Italy

Vertigo is an Italian company that produces with style, creativity and passion, typical of our country. All the mechanical parts are produced and put together in Italy. 

  – Tailored

Vertigo products are created to adapt to any type of the subject need, from functional rehab to high level sport training.

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