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Beyond Training

GEAPRO is composed of a static stabilometric platform and a pneumatic actuator that provides a dynamic mode for adjusting the support base’s stiffness.

Unlike in platforms with springs, its programmable active resistance allows for its use in the first phase of rehabilitation, and permits the constant improvement of athletic performance without having to change equipment.

Maximum comfort

The platform can be used in monopodalic or bipodalic mode, and its extensive support base allows complex motor gestures.

GEAPRO comes complete with a control console on wheels with integrated computers and monitors for maximum convenience.

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  –  Innovation

Vertigo is innovative in each stage of the product development. Experts engineers in the hi-tech field apply the most modern technologies to the customer needs.

Italy-Flag-icon  –  Made in Italy

Vertigo is an Italian company that produces with style, creativity and passion, typical of our country. All the mechanical parts are produced and put together in Italy. 

  – Tailored

Vertigo products are created to adapt to any type of the subject need, from functional rehab to high level sport training.

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