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The best stabilometry

GEAPLUS is a static stabilometric platform that monitors the centre of pressure, providing a multi-parametric analysis of a subject’s balance.

Its wide surface and side supports allow for very broad clinical use compared to traditional platforms.

All inclusive

GEAPLUS is all that’s necessary for a complete and effective evaluation and rehabilitation of patients’ balance.

The balance-pad is used for dedicated testing and proprioception recovery.

Biofeedback exercises

Use of the platform is indicated for the basic recovery or maintenance of balancing skills through:

Static exercises during which the monitor shows the instantaneous position of the Pressure Centres in relation to fixed reference points on the screen.

Centre of gravity control exercises in relation to involuntary movements the patient makes in the antero-posterior and latero-lateral planes.

Neuromotor exercises: these allow the patient to work within the limits of their own stability. The targets that the patient has to attain by shifting their Pressure Centre are displayed onscreen.

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  –  Innovation

Vertigo is innovative in each stage of the product development. Experts engineers in the hi-tech field apply the most modern technologies to the customer needs.

Italy-Flag-icon  –  Made in Italy

Vertigo is an Italian company that produces with style, creativity and passion, typical of our country. All the mechanical parts are produced and put together in Italy. 

  – Tailored

Vertigo products are created to adapt to any type of the subject need, from functional rehab to high level sport training.

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